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3 Customized Glass Pieces That a Glass Company Can Create for You

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There are so many incredible pieces that can be made out of glass. Thankfully, there are glass companies out there that have the skilled workers and the resources needed to make just about anything that you would like to have them create from glass. These pieces can be highly customized and can be made to look or function however you want them to.

This article is going to discuss 3 customized glass pieces that a glass company can create for you. 

A Table Top 

One awesome piece that a glass company can make for you is a glass table top. There is just something so beautiful and timeless about a glass table top that can't be created using anything else. When you order a customized glass table top, you are first going to choose what kind of glass you would like. This will include the color, the transparency, etc. Then you can choose how thick you would like the glass to be, how you would like to have it cut, and what you need the dimensions to be.

You can go with a square, rectangle, circle, hexagon, or any other shape that you would like. You can have some custom carvings done on the glass as well, whether it be a border around the edge or some creative designs all over the glass. 

A Kitchen Backsplash

Another awesome piece that a glass company can create for you is a glass backsplash. While many backsplashes are going to be made from tile, a glass backsplash is going to add a more unique look that is just as beautiful, if not more. The glass can be customized, just as the tile can. You can choose to have a solid piece of glass, or you can have the glass cut into smaller pieces and laid more like tiles.

A Glass Whiteboard 

If you have a home office or own your own business, then a fun take on a traditional white board is to do a glass whiteboard instead. The glass is going to look much more modern than a traditional whiteboard, and it is going to double as a great decorative piece in your office as well. On top of this, the glass is going to function perfectly as a whiteboard, and you will likely have no trouble seeing what is written on the glass, just as long as you use a traditional dry erase marker.