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Things Homeowners May Not Know About Their Residential Glass

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The glass in your home is among the most important features of the structure due to both cosmetic and practical reasons. Yet, these components are frequently taken for granted, which can lead to some homeowners being uninformed about this aspect of the house.

Why Has Water Started To Seep In Around The Edges Of The Window?

Water leaking into the home can be a source of serious damage to the structure. While people may often imagine leaks coming from the roof, they can also occur around the windows. Windows are designed with weather stripping that will keep water from being able to enter the home through the gaps in the frame. If this stripping becomes compromised, it may pull away from the frame, which will allow moisture into the home. Luckily, this source of leaks will be fairly easy to repair as the weather stripping will simply need to be replaced. Another source of this problem can be the frame rotting. When this is the source of the leak, it will likely be best to have the entire window replaced.

Is Replacing The Windows The Only Way To Improve Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is one of the most important factors for determining your home's heating and cooling expenses. The windows of a house can be a major source of energy waste. While there are energy efficient windows that can be purchased, there are steps you can use to improve the efficiency of your windows. For example, having the windows tinted can substantially reduce the heating that will occur in your house. Also, adding storm windows can help to prevent heat loss during the winter. Another simple way of improving the efficiency of your windows is to apply caulk around any visible cracks near the frame as these can allow for drafts to enter your home.

Should All Of Your Windows Be Made Of The Same Type Of Glass?

Ensuring that your windows match is important for giving your home a cohesive appearance, which can play an important role in determining its value. However, you should always base the type of glass that is used in each window on the hazards and problems that it will face. For example, those that live near golf courses should use shatter resistant on the windows that face the course. Also, you may want to opt for insulated glass for windows that will receive near-constant sunlight. A window technician like Allied Glass & Mirror will be able to inspect your home to identify the types of glass that will provide your house with the most benefit.