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Remodeling A Property For Vacation Rental

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If you have a property sitting empty and want to try something a little different than renting it out to a long-term tenant, trying your hand at vacation rentals is a great way to go. The needs of your short-term renters will be a little bit different, so here are some ideas on how to remodel for short-term tenants.

Keep the Bathroom Sleek

The first area you may want to tackle is the bathroom. This is an area where people may not feel at home in someone else's house. So, make it look as clean and well-maintained as possible.

A first step may be to have a company like Aladdin's Glass & Screen Products Inc replace older tubs or moldy shower curtains with glass shower enclosures. That's one way to keep the space bright and functional. Another step is to replace wiggly old toilet seats, and potentially replace the entire toilet with a low-flow toilet fixture. Then, pay attention to finishes and choose ones that allow for easy cleaning and a less cluttered or busy feel.

Choose Your Finishes Wisely

Finishes throughout your home can attract or repel dirt. And some finishes, such as carpet flooring, could trap allergens that some guests are susceptible to. In general, when you are opening a property to a vacation rental, choose finishes that are easy to clean, hard to damage or stain, and hypoallergenic.

Take Advantage of Your Best Room

You might want to spend some money boosting up the best room in your home. Perhaps it's a room with a view or an airy living room. That's probably the room that you will feature in your home ads, so it's worth spending the time to make it stand out even further.

Make Space for Multiple Visitors

Another good place to invest in is seating. If you have plenty of seating for people with different preferences (such as hard chairs, sofas, low-lying recliners, or bean bags), you can make a wide variety of people feel comfortable spending time in the home.

Provide Food and Soap Dispensers

It's always a nice touch to provide things your guests might not have brought with them. Soap and shampoo dispensers in the bathroom are a big one. But you could also provide cereal or condiment dispensers as fixtures in the home. If you need more ideas on how to revamp your space, you could consult a designer or visit some vacation rental properties yourself to see how they've done it.