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Energy Saving Ideas For A Summer Cottage

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If you have a summer cottage, then you understand the importance of keeping it cool. You don't want to spend the weekend at a sweltering cottage. It won't be an escape from the heat of the city. So, that means that you will want to have it cool. This might mean air conditioning units (for when it's really hot and humid out) so that you can sleep at night, or it might mean screen doors and fans that help to circulate the air. Whatever you decide to do, it will be a good idea to improve the energy efficiency of the cottage. So, to help you with that process, here are a few ideas.

Bug Proof Screens For Doors and Windows

One of the best ways to cool down the house is to get a nice cross ventilation going. This means that you will want to open the windows on both ends of the house, as well as have screen doors installed (or repaired if the screens are in bad shape). The cooling breeze will flow through the home and keep the temperature down. However, it's very important to make sure the screens are in good shape. If you have any holes in the screens they need to be repaired. You don't want to let the holes stand as they will allow mosquitoes, bees, and moths to fly into your house. This is going to cause lots of trouble (you might end up with a small beehive in your attic, for instance) so make sure you invest in residential screen repair.

New Glass For Old Windows

The older your cottage, the more likely it is that the windows need to have the glass replaced. If you've spent time re-caulking and trying to reseal the edges, then you might just be better off bringing in a residential glass repair service and letting them fix the windows. The benefit to getting new glass installed is that you will be able to improve on the insulation factor. This is super important for people who use air conditioners in their home. New glass will have a better insulation factor than older glass. You can get double pane glass installed, which will help to prevent the cold air that your air conditioner puts out from leaking out into the hot summer air. This will result in a huge savings in money. If you blast cold air inside your cottage, but keep old thin glass with poor insulation, then you're just letting money bleed out through house.