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Considering New Windows For Your Home? Real Benefits To Consider

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Reducing heating and cooling bills is one of the most common reasons why home owners consider installing new windows in their home. This is, of course, an excellent reason to do so, but it is far from the only reason. According to a leading energy-related site, installing new windows in an existing home is estimated to result in savings of up to 22% on heating and cooling costs, depending on the type of windows used. But there are also several additional benefits home owners can reap by installing new, high-quality windows in their home. 

Preserving the finishes and furnishings of the home

Furnishing and decorating a home is an expensive process. For most families, shopping for new furniture, flooring, and window coverings can result in costs totaling thousands of dollars. To help extend the lifespan of these purchases, most home owners make their selections with quality in mind, so that they will last through years of usage and be a good value for the amount of money they spend. 

Since many furnishings and finishes are constructed using fine woods, fabrics, or leathers, it is important to protect them from excessive sunshine that can cause fading and deterioration. Unlike older windows, new windows are capable of protecting surfaces inside the home from the heat and harmful rays of direct sunshine, helping them retain their value. 

Reducing uncomfortable humidity inside the home

Another excellent reason to replace the windows in a home that is often overlooked is to help remove excess humidity inside the home. Older windows, especially those with single panes, lack the insulation necessary to prevent condensation from forming on their interior glass surface. 

When this type of condensation regularly occurs, the moisture can cause interior humidity levels to become uncomfortable. Since excess humidity is one of the leading causes of interior mold and mildew growth, condensation problems due to window condition can even contribute to unhealthy air quality issues for the occupants of the home. 

Modern, high-quality windows with double or triple panes are able to insulate and protect against the buildup of condensation on the interior surface of the glass. In addition to reducing the interior humidity level of the home, this also helps keep the windows looking cleaner and improves visibility and appearance. Eliminating humidity and condensation issues also means that wooden window sills will no longer be in contact with moisture that can cause decay and structural damage. 

Improving comfort and security levels in the home 

Families who live in an older home often find themselves struggling to open or close their windows. This problem often occurs when wooden windows are painted shut by previous owners or in humid climates when wooden window frames can soak up moisture and expand just enough to make opening and closing them seem impossible. 

This can be especially frustrating when home owners want to leave the air conditioning off and open the windows to enjoy a cool breeze. If the windows are unable to be opened these families find themselves having to use the home's air conditioning more often, resulting in higher utility bills, as well as less fresh air inside the home. 

Most new window designs eliminates the problem of sticking or impossible-to-open windows, because the frame and the window are constructed using vinyl or other non-porous materials. Since no moisture can be absorbed, the window continues to slide up and down easily. 

In addition to easier operation, newer windows also offer the advantage of improved locking systems to help prevent an intruder from prying them open to gain entry to the home. Some new window manufacturers also use special break-resistant glass that are more able to withstand impact without cracking or breaking. 

Homeowners who are considering the installation of new windows in their home should speak with a local residential window services expert, like one from Valley Glass Utility, for answers to all their window replacement questions.