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Why It's Worth Installing Window Film On Your Store Windows

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If you own a store with large windows in the front, you may be considering having window film applied to those windows. But considering the cost of such a service, you might also be wondering if it's really worth it. In most cases, the answer is "yes." Here are just a few of the many benefits you'll get from window film.

Reduced Energy Bills

Especially in the summer, having window film will save you a lot of money on energy. The film is designed to reflect heat waves, so they stay outside rather than passing into your store and raising the temperature. This eases the burden on your air conditioner, so it consumes less energy. (Your AC unit might last longer, too!)

Even Temperatures

Without window film, the area directly in front of your windows may be overly cold during the winter and overly warm during the summer. Shoppers may avoid this area because of the uncomfortable temperatures. With window film, your temperatures throughout the store will remain more even, which increases the comfort levels for customers. And comfortable customers are more likely to return!

UV Protection

Modern window films do not just reflect heat. They also reflect the UV rays that are a component of sunshine. There are a few reasons you don't want UV rays entering your store. They can pretty quickly bleach the color out of any items you're selling and also out of decorative components like your store's carpet. They also increase the risk of skin cancer, which is bad news for employees who have to work in front of the windows. Blocking UV rays will increase the life of your items and also protect your employees.


If a window coated in film happens to shatter, all of the little glass pieces will mostly remain in place. This means you'll have less mess to sweep up after a broken window. And if the window was broken intentionally by a potential intruder, they will have a very hard time actually getting inside through the window film. 

If a window breaks in the middle of the night and you have security film, there will at least be some sort of barrier still present to keep the elements and intruders out until morning.

Having window film installed is one of the best protective choices you can make as a store owner. Contact a commercial window film contractor today to get an estimate.