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Repairing Your Chipped or Cracked Windshield

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Dealing with a damaged windshield can be an issue that most car owners will find themselves needing to address. Unfortunately, car owners can be misinformed about this topic, which can increase the chances that they will make mistakes that may lead to this damage being a bigger problem than necessary regardless of the type of vehicle that you have.

Myth: Repairing A Chipped Windshield Will Provide Unreliable Results

Some car owners may simply assume that patching a chipped windshield will lead to unreliable results. However, a professionally administered patch will be both extremely durable and discrete. This can allow you to repair your windshield without impacting its appearance or your ability to see through it. While it can be possible for the patch to fail, this will be extremely unlikely as long as the repair is done soon after the damage occurs. Also, you will want to prevent the windshield from getting wet for several hours after the repair is made as this could degrade the repair resin if it is not fully cured.

Myth: There Is No Rush To Repair Windshield Damage

Waiting too long to have windshield damage patched can be one of the most serious mistakes that a person makes with their car. If the damaged windshield is not promptly patched, the damage can grow in size. This can increasingly impact your ability to see out the window, and it can increase the risk of the glass shattering or otherwise failing. The risks of the glass damage worsening can be extremely high during the fall and spring as these can be the times of the year when temperatures change the most, and thermal expansion can cause chips to worsen.

Myth: An Over-The-Counter Patch Kit Is The Most Convenient And Effective Repair Option For Windshield Damage

There are a variety of over-the-counter windshield chip patch kits that you can buy. While this may seem like it will be the best option for repairing this damage, it can actually be much more difficult than you may assume. For example, if you fail to properly prepare the damaged area to be repaired, the patch may be less durable. Additionally, if you apply too much of the repair resin, you can make the patch more visible. Lastly, individuals will often underestimate the work that can be involved with patching this damage. By working with a windshield repair contractor, you can ensure that your vehicle's glass will be repaired in the most convenient and durable way possible.